New Associate Member Program from Cornerstone Alliance, Inc.

Cornerstone Alliance Inc Lima Ohio PHO healthcare reformSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Cornerstone Alliance PHO is pleased to announce that we have contracted with Provider Services of America to develop a range of services that are private labeled for Cornerstone member practices.

Provider Services of America (PSA) has successfully launched similar programs with other physician networks throughout the United States.

The New Associate Member Program will offer programs, products and services to our member practices that are designed to do the following:

      • Increase Practice Profitability
      • Lower Costs
      • Increase Practice Efficiencies
      • Develop New Revenue Streams For The Practice
      • Improve Patient Relations

PSA will be sending out information to you via fax or email each month that will highlight the value proposition associated with these offerings.

These programs are offered to you on an ala carte basis and the decision to use these programs, products and services is strictly voluntary.  Again, these offerings are designed to increase your revenues and, in some cases, substantially lower your costs. If you feel that any one of these offerings may be of benefit to your practice, you can simply fill out the contact section found at the bottom of the fliers to be faxed or emailed to your practice. Then send these forms back to PSA who will follow up with your practice and answer any questions you might have about the program(s) of which you have an interest.  There is no cost to your practice to enroll in this program.

Please make sure that you review the information in these faxes and /or emails as these offerings could make a significant contribution to your practice goals in 2014.

Please call Jim Skognes at: (770) 390-9183 if you should have any questions about this new program.

Harold L. Bischoff, FACHE
Executive Director
Cornerstone Alliance, Inc.


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