ICD-10: It’s time to test with Anthem

ICD-10: It’s time to test with Anthem

Anthem has started acceptance testing for providers who are EDI direct-submitters. We have chosen TIBCO Validator® as our primary testing tool that offers unlimited testing of your EDI HIPAA transactions. This self-guided, web-based processing application is equipped to test file formats and edits as they pertain to ICD-10. If you are not a direct submitter, you will need to partner with your claims submission vendor (clearinghouse, billing company, etc.) to test with us.

To get started, visit the “Free On-Line HIPAA Validation Testing” section on our Anthem EDI webpage, where you can find links to registration information and the guidelines for using the tool.

For more updates on ICD-10, visit the ICD-10 Updates webpage at www.anthem.com>Providers (enter state)>ICD-10 Updates.


IN, KY, OH: Changes to EFT 

Within the next few months, providers will see enhancements to EFT, including a new ability to search online by Nasco check, Nasco EFT remittance, and Nasco EFT number. In addition, there will be a change in search parameters: You will be able to hunt for remittances within a new 7 day range for remittances issued up to 2 years prior to current date.

As a result of the new functionality, there also will be minor screen display changes:

  • The page title for ‘Check Date Range:’ will be changed to ‘Check/EFT Date Range:’
  • The column title for ‘Check Date’ changed to ‘Check/EFT Date’.
  • The column title for ‘Check Number’ changed to ‘Check/EFT Number’.
  • The column title for ‘Check Amount’ changed to ‘Check/EFT Amount’.

Note: If you are not set up for EFT and would like to be, you may sign up utilizing the CAQH EFT enrollment tool, which simplifies EFT registration and allows providers to enroll and update practice information electronically. A link is available via the Availity® Web Portal and the Anthem EDI website. After completing the online EFT enrollment forms, enrollees will receive a confirmation that the enrollment request has been submitted. The CAQH website and CAQH EFT enrollment tool provide additional information about the benefits of EFT and the registration process.